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The Decision to Buy a Business

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Of all the ways in which we can become financially independent and successful, owning a business is the only real means to acquire significant wealth. More effective than property, shares, gambling, or working as an employee – owning a business is the most rewarding, most satisfying and immediate means to creating wealth. The decision to buy (or start) a business …

tips to selling your business

Tips to Selling a Business

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The decision to sell a company or business is one of the most important decisions undertaken by a business owner. The importance of this decision warrants the need for careful planning, attention to detail, and professional consultation. This is the only way to: Achieve the best price, Minimise disruption and Avoid wasting time and money. The funny thing is that …


Valuing a Business or a Company –what is the difference?

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People often confuse the valuation of a business and the valuation of a company. So what is the difference? The valuation of a business is really an assessment of what the business would sell for on the open market – at any given point in time. The valuation of a company is totally different. The valuation of a company includes the assets and liabilities, …


How do you know that a business valuer is qualified?

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It is surprising to many people to know that business valuations are not regulated in Australia. There are a handful of qualifications, but no formal regulation of business valuation exists…… yet. ** At present there is no universally accepted course or qualification for business valuers in Australia. There are some qualifications such as: The Australian Institute Of Business Brokers Registered …