Bruce has been valuing small businesses since 2003. He has appeared in Court many times and is a highly regarded expert witness. The large amount of market data that Bruce has available places him in an ideal position to be able to value many types of small business.

A business valuation must be presented in a logical manner. It must be easy to read and and backed up by factual evidence so that anyone can understand the basis of the valuation, and how the value is derived. Business Valuations must be based on solid and accurate information, they must be logical and sequential, and should be supported by market evidence.

Bruce has been selling businesses for 20 years. His primary business is selling businesses. This gives him a unique and practical insight into the market, and a real-time knowledge of the current market conditions

It is his experience as a leading Business Broker that enables him to provide clients with accurate assessments and valuation of many business types.

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