Why an Exit Strategy is so Important

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What if you don’t? Pressure Panic Orderly realisation When a business fails to plan an exit strategy, it places the business owner at increased risk in a number of ways. In recent times it has become more common for financiers to look for (and expect) an exit strategy in a business plan, because there is growing awareness of the importance …

What is an exit strategy


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An exit plan is simply a plan for EASING OLD OWNERSHIP OUT, AND EASING NEW OWNERSHIP IN. Simple. It is a plan where you can “Exit on your own terms”… not because you have to, but because you want to. This is a plan to get what you want and to know how to get it. An Exit Strategy is …

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Year of the Dog – Happy New Year

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Year of the Dog – Happy Chinese New Year Is this your year for a business opportunity?   Dogs are known for their loyal, affectionate nature in the family environment, and are very hard working and obedient when trained and treated fairly. These tendencies are clearly visible in Chinese Astrology, which predicts strong fortunes for hands on, initiative driven, ambitious …


FACT: You will not own your business forever.

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If you don’t sell your business you will either: –         Die as the owner, and leave the business to others –         Close down Either way, you will eventually inevitably be out of your business. So, all business owners really must look at planning for an eventual exit from the business if they want to “cash in” and enjoy the ultimate benefit of …


Is there any other reason to be in business?

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1.   WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? Why are you in business? Did you get into this business to: –      Make a lot of money? –      Enjoy your passion? –      Grow the business and then “Flip” the business and make a profit on the sale? Is there any other reason to be in business? What is your “Why?” Do you know why you are doing …

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Health Check Your Business – Sell Your Business On Your Terms – By Ian Salter

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As the title says, selling a business on your terms has its rewards and subtle benefits. Many times, I have been out and about speaking with business owners regarding possibly selling their business, or having discussions surrounding their “exit strategy”, and asking if they actually have one in place. I’m always surprised at how quickly the business owner responds along lines of… “why …

business owner? Lost your mojo?

Are You A Business Owner? Lost Your Mojo?

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Are you a business owner? Lost your mojo? Is it time to start thinking about what is next? Rather than getting back onto the “treadmill” you should start now to plan for your eventual exit from business. Start the New Year fresh, by considering some selling options for your business. Benchmark Business Sales have over 60 brokers Australia-wide that specialise …


Every Business has a “Lifecycle”

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The Lifecycle has these parts: ·     Start Up ·     Operation and Improvement ·     Wealth Management ·     Exit   Business Purchase or Start Up Whether starting a new (or buying an existing business) the following should be considered to ensure you make an educated decision on your going into the business, including: ·         Pro’s and Con’s of the industry ·         Business Planning ·         Marketing strategy ·         Registration and licence …


Business Plans, Do you have all 3?

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Business owners must have three separate business plans; ·      A Business Plan ·      A Marketing Plan ·      An Exit Plan Do you have all three? The first plan to prepare should be the Exit Plan. Remember to start with the end in mind, and work back from there. BUSINESS PLAN A Business Plan allows the owners and shareholders of the business to plan …