Succession and Exit Planning

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When? Most business owners find it hard to believe that they should start thinking about the sale of their business from the first day of acquiring the business – but they should. Even experienced business owners get swept up with the daily operation of their business, and other distractions of everyday living – and forget that one of the most …


What to Consider in a Share Sale Transaction

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If you are unsure about what you should consider in a share sale transaction, continue reading and feel free to send me an InMail for some more advice. Continuity: In a share, be carried on by the same entity with the shareholders of that company changing. In some instances, customers and suppliers may not even realise that there has been a …


What to Consider in an Asset Sale

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Employees: When selling the assets, the employment relationship cannot be ‘transferred’ from the vendor to the purchaser as employment contracts are personal in nature. It will therefore be necessary for the vendor to terminate the employment contract with the employee, and for the purchaser to decide if they wish to enter into a new employment contract with each individual employee. …


What an Asset Sale Involves

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An asset sale involves the sale of all of the assets owned by the entity which controls the business. The assets being sold in the transaction include fixed assets, land, plant and equipment, work-in-progress, stock and intangible assets including goodwill and intellectual property. The sale will not include Debtors as the debtors and creditors are usually the responsibility of the Vendor. …

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Keeping Confidentiality – It Works Both Ways

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When someone decides to sell their business, they are making one of the most important decisions they will ever make, – usually after having done a lot of planning, worrying and thinking. Selling can be a very unsettling and disturbing process for the owner, as they don’t want to upset staff, suppliers or clients who may leave, and go elsewhere …


Protection From CYBERCRIME Is A Must For All Small Business Owners – AND IT’S EASY

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Cybercrime is here, and it’s real – and most small business owners are not adequately prepared or aware of the threat. In the 2016/2017 financial year 47,000 reports of Cybercrime were made. It is conservatively estimated that the financial cost to Australians is more than $1 Billion each year. In response to the threat that Cybercrime poses for business owners …

what is nett profit

What is Nett Profit?

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There are many versions and definitions of profit. Business buyers need to be aware of the subtle differences in terminology used to describe profit, so that they can understand the impact and implications of these differences. Some of the different methods used in reporting profit are: Owner Operator. The pre-tax return earned by a working owner – includes the owner’s wages. EBIT. …

you get what you pay for

Advice – You get what you pay for

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Once you’ve bought a business, you can’t give it back if you don’t like it, or if it’s not right for you. It’s not like buying a car, there isn’t any warrantee, and there is no instruction manual. So when you decide to buy a business you need to get good advice and guidance from experienced, caring, professionals before making …

Award winning business brokers

Award Winning Business Brokers

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For the FIFTH YEAR IN A ROW Benchmark Business Sales have had one of it’s business brokers recognised and awarded as the REIQ Business Broker of the Year. Benchmark have again shown they mean business, by having two of the four finalists for Business Broker of the Year award at the 2017 Real Estate Institute of Queensland’s Awards for Excellence. …