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What To Do When You Sell Your Business

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What To Do When You Sell Your Business.

Are you thinking of selling your Pizza shop or Cafe?


Well don’t be hasty; it could save you a motza!

If you have not sold a business before, it can be quite a daunting situation. As a business owner you might ask yourself:

  • What do you do?
  • Where do you start?
  • Who do you turn to?


Unfortunately, many small business owners do not plan for the sale of their business and this can lead to a messy outcome and an undercapitalised return.

Sadly, many vendors simply concede an element of defeat and admit they have just had enough and just want out. Sure you may feel this way, but let’s be honest; you have not put in the hard yards all these years to get a poor financial return, right at the end.

It is very important you remain diligent and make the concerted effort at this stage of your business. This is your investment and the time when you cash in.

Think of yourself as an Olympian facing your last race and going for gold at the Olympics. You have trained tirelessly for 4 years and it has been hard exhausting work. You must put in the final effort to get the medal.

It is the same approach when selling your business; make the final effort!!

To do this, you need to prepare an exit plan and get your business ‘sale ready’ to get the best return;

Take the right steps and start by seeking some professional advice to guide you through the final stages.

My advice to you is, talk to a specialist business broker, ensure you have a good solicitor and an accountant is ready to support you through the process. If you have not assigned a solicitor or accountant yet, click here for the list of Benchmark recommended/approved service providers relevant to your state. With the right advice and guidance, you will be able to get yourself into position to sell your business for maximum return and see it through to the end.

Go for gold. As a specialist Hospitality broker, with a vested interest in independent pizza shops and cafes, clients often come to me for advice when thinking of buying or selling. If you would like to discuss more options for your business contact me on 0401 100 831 or email


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