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Year of the Dog – Happy New Year

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Year of the Dog – Happy Chinese New Year

Is this your year for a business opportunity?


Dogs are known for their loyal, affectionate nature in the family environment, and are very hard working and obedient when trained and treated fairly.

These tendencies are clearly visible in Chinese Astrology, which predicts strong fortunes for hands on, initiative driven, ambitious people this year.

As 2018 is the Year of the Dog, for many people this is could be the ideal year to pursue a business or real estate opportunity.

So what does 2018 hold for you? Could this mean that a business or real estate opportunity is waiting for you?

Perhaps you are considering the option of owning your own business or selling your current one.

If you don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place.

At Benchmark Business Sales, we have Chinese brokers in 3 different states. Each of them specialise in their own divisions and would be happy to assist you. They speak fluent English and Chinese; communicating with Chinese buyers and sellers for a win-win outcome.


Lily Small – Brisbane

Lily understands the importance of having strong communication skills with clients (Buyers or Sellers) – something that she prides herself on. She has great networking skills and a network of Chinese buyers and sellers. She is becoming one of the best Chinese business brokers in the Brisbane area. Click here to view her profile and her listings.

Jack Lee – Sydney

Jack has gained inside knowledge of both Asian and Australian business cultures through working and living in multiple countries. Jack has the advantage of diversity and also speaks Malaysian as well as English and Chinese. He is based in Sydney and would be happy to assist you with investment opportunities. Click here to view Jack’s profile and listings.

Yiling Tang – Adelaide

Yiling is known for her outstanding service in the Adelaide office. She has many characteristics that have been passed from her previous profession as a medical professional. She has the ability to problem solve and is extremely passionate about being a broker. Click here to view Yiling’s profile and listings.

Rooney Zhou – Sydney

Rooney made his debut by delivering marketing projects to nail down distributors and high-profile investors from China to businesses in Australia, predominantly the manufacturers and merchants of wines and other consumer goods. He has highly skilled in marketing. Click here to view Rooney’s profile and listings.

Contact one of our Chinese Business Brokers today to discuss buying or selling options.

Wishing you a happy Chinese New Year; full of wealth, health and prosperity.

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