There is more to buying a business than just the price…….

Bruce helps private individuals and public companies, working one-on-one to help them understand how they can  identify and acquire the most appropriate businesses. Often this can involve the need to produce a business valuation.

Businesses are valued by assessing the future revenue stream, and applying a risk-rate to that revenue stream. Bruce uses real sales data to assess business values. Where many others can only utilise theoretical assessment, Bruce has access to one of the largest registers of business sales in Australia, and it is that ‘real-world’ data that is able to be applied to the assessment of business vale.

Buying a business is much more than the value – or price. The terms are an important consideration in achieving successful outcomes for all parties. With 20 years of experience in business sales, and over 2000 business sales to call on, Bruce Coudrey is well-placed to negotiate a win-win outcome.


Let me help you negotiate a win-win outcome.

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